Overnight Pet-Sitting

The fee is per night
(2-visit minimum commitment required).

Overnight pet-sitting services maintain your pet’s routine and safety in the comfort of home. Overnight pet sitting includes all feedings, daily walks, play-time, TLC, security checks, and basic home chores (mail, trash out, receiving FedEx/UPS & more).

Due to the current pandemic, the sitter would perform a light (surfaces only) cleaning around common areas of the house (free of charge). For more information about overnight services during COVID-19 please contact Agustin at (202)-375-8381.

Dog Sitting:
$90.00 for 3 walks per stay day (up to two dogs).
$120.00 for 2 walks per stay day (up to three dogs).

♥Small animals care can be added at no extra charge when booking a dog sitting♥

$60.00 per night.

♥ The Cat-sitter will spend the night in your home. ♥

Contact us for more details!