Fee is per day.  
Daily visiting hours are 9:30am-4:00pm.

♥ We know puppies need to be potty-trained and eat frequently.  That’s why for the first three months of their life we provide extra-special care. 

Puppy-walking services include: Two 10-minute outside walks per day, feedings, poop-scooping, and tons of TLC.

5 Days of Visits a Week

$25.00             2 (10-minute walks) per day.

2-4 Days of Visits a Week 

$35.00             2 (10-minute walks) per day.

♥ $5 Up-charge per each additional puppy.

♥ No surcharge for walks performed before or after regular hours.
♥ No surcharge for (most) holidays or weekend walks.

Contact us for more details!