Week-day visiting hours are from 10:00am-4:00pm.
Dog-Walking services include:
♥ Whether your pup is in the mood to sniff or yearns for a vigorous stroll, we will provide the appropriate level of activity.
♥ Feeding & water refreshing, treat-giving, poop-scooping (biodegradable bag), and tons of TLC. 
♥ Company of other dogs.
Easy scheduling on mobile app with instant updates during and after each walk. 
 Towel-service for paws and boots during wet weather.
♥ During inclement weather, after a quick bio-break, we’ll be sure to spend our walk-time indoors giving belly rubs and playing tug or adjust that day’s service fee accordingly.


The fee is per walk. 
Three-month service contract required.  
5 Visits a Week 
$13.00             15-Minute Walk
$18.00             30-Minute Walk
2-4 Visits a Week 
$15.00             15-Minute Walk
$20.00             30-Minute Walk
$5 Surcharge per Visit for:
  Each additional dog. 
   Special needs (high-energy, inadequately leash-trained, difficulty walking, etc.).
  ♥ Walk performed before or after regular hours.
  ♥ Walk performed during weekends, holiday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, or Winter Break (December 24th-January 2nd).

Contact us for more details!